Semantic Web Meetups

There will be 2 Semantic Web Meetups:

1. The Stony Brook Semantic Web Meetup: (coordinators: Erich Bremer and Jonas Almeida).

Date and time: Wednesday, July 6, 6-8pm

Location: New Computer Science room 120

Speaker: Erich Bremer

Tonight's semweb meetup will be a hands-on about some of the nuts and bolts of RDF and linked data. Using Eclipse Jetty ( as our web client, we will see how content negotiation can be used to request RDF data from the web resource Crossref ( Once downloaded, we will use Apache Jena ( to load this data into TDB, Jena's quad store, and use SPARQL to query it. Although not mandatory, people are encourage to follow along on their laptops since we will go from the downloading of Jetty and Jena and their configuration within the Java IDE Netbeans (

2. The New York Semantic Web Meetup: (coordinators: Marco Neumann and Chris Welty).