List of Accepted papers

1. Ho-Pun Lam, Mustafa Hashmi and Brendan Scofield.
Enabling Reasoning with LegalRuleML.

2. William Marino, Ari Juels. 
Setting Standards For Altering And Undoing Smart Contracts.

3. Iliano Cervesato, Edmund Soon Lee Lam and Ali Elgazar.
Choreographic Compilation of Decentralized Comprehension Patterns.

4. George Baryannis, Przemyslaw Woznowski and Grigoris Antoniou.
Rule-based Real-time ADL Recognition in a Smart Home Environment.

5. Stefano Ferilli.
Handling Complex Process Models Conditions Using First-Order Logic Rules.

6. Gen Zou and Harold Boley.
Minimal Objectification and Maximal Unnesting in PSOA RuleML.

7. Greg Harris, Anand Panangadan and Viktor Prasanna.
PRIMER — A Regression-Rule Learning System for Intervention Optimization.

8. Dag Hovland, Davide Lanti, Martin Rezk and Guohui Xiao.
OBDA Constraints for Effective Query Answering.

9. Daniel Gall and Thom Fruehwirth.
Translation of Cognitive Models from ACT-R to Constraint Handling Rules.

10. Pascual Julian-Iranzo, Gines Moreno, Jaime Penabad and Carlos Vázquez.
A Declarative Semantics for a Fuzzy Logic Language Managing Similarities and Truth Degrees.

11. Nunziato Cassavia, Elio Masciari, Chiara Pulice and Domenico Sacca.
A Framework enhancing the User Search Activity through Data Posting.

12. Olivier Wang, Leo Liberti, Claudia D'Ambrosio, Christian De Sainte Marie and Changhai Ke.
Controlling the average behaviour of business rules programs.

13. Thom Fruehwirth.
Why Can’t You Behave? Non-Termination Analysis of Recursive Rules with Constraints.

14. Stefania Costantini and Giovanni De Gasperis.
Bridge Rules for Reasoning in Component-Based Heterogeneous Environments.

15. Florian Idelberger, Guido Governatori, Regis Riveret and Giovanni Sartor.
On Logic Smart Contracts and Blockchain Systems.

16. Hamza Agli, Philippe Bonnard, Christophe Gonzales and Wuillemin Pierre-Henri. 
Business Rules Uncertainty Management with Probabilistic Relational Models. 
17. William Van Woensel, Patrice Roy and Syed Sibte Raza Abidi.
SmartRL: A Context-Sensitive, Ontology-Based Rule Language for Assisted Living in Smart Environments.

18. Firas Al Khalil, Marcello Ceci, Kosala Yapa and Leona O'Brien.
SBVR to OWL 2 Mapping in the Domain of Legal Rules.

19. Carl Schultz and Mehul Bhatt.
Spatial Reasoning in Constraint Logic Programming based on Numerical Optimisation.

20. Melanie Swan.
Blockchain Temporality: Smart Contract Time Specifiability with Blocktime.

List of Accepted DecisionCAMP Presentations is here

10th International Rule Challenge Accepted Papers

1. Nada Sharaf, Slim Abdennadher and Thom Fruehwirth.
A Rule Based Approach to teach Mathematics using Animation.

2. Jacob Feldman.
What-If Analyzer for DMN-based Decision Models.

3. Ingmar Dasseville, Laurent Janssens, Gerda Janssens, Jan Vanthienen and Marc Denecker.
Combining DMN and the Knowledge Base Paradigm for Flexible Decision Enactment.

4. Adrian Paschke and Simon Könnecke.
A RuleML - DMN Translator.

5. Fariba Sadri.
An Executable Logic-Based Model for Cutter Suction Dredging Using LPS.

6. Harold Boley, Christoph Benzmüller, Meng Luan and Zhendong Sha.
Translating Higher-Order Modal Logic from RuleML to TPTP.

7. Marcello Ceci, Firas Al Khalil and Leona O'Brien.
Making Sense of Regulations with SBVR.

Industry Track Accepted Papers

1. James Anderson, Tara Athan and Adrian Paschke.
Rules and RDF Streams.

2. Doerthe Arndt, Joachim Van Herwegen, Ruben Verborgh, Erik Mannens and Rik Van de Walle.
Using rules to generate and execute workflows in smart factories.

3. Adrian Paschke.
On the Use of Provalets in a Predictive Maintenance Use Case.

Doctoral Consortium Accepted Papers

1. Julia Pielmeier, Stefan Braunreuther and Gunther Reinhart.
Situational Handling of Events for Industrial Production Environments

2. Tuan Anh Pham and Nhan Le Thanh.
Checking the Compliance of Business Process in Business Process Life Cycle

3. Mohammadreza Abbasifard.
Rule Based Fragment Allocation in Distributed Database Systems.