DecisionCAMP 2016 Schedule Rules, Decision Modeling and Decision Management Technology

Best Practices, Standards, Real-World Business Cases, and Supporting Products

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July 6, 2016

OMG DMN 1.2 RTF Meeting at DecisionCAMP 10:00 - 17:00 
The Revision Task Force (RTF) for DMN 1.2 will be meeting at the Stony Brook UniversityThe meeting is open only 
to members of the RTF, but others are welcome to meet members of the RTF at the DecisionCAMP on 7th and 8th. 

July 7, 2016

Start End Title Authors
9:00 9:15 Welcome and Kickoff Jacob Feldman
9:15 10:00 Modeling Decision-Making Processes: Melding Process Models and Decision Models Alan Fish
10:00 10:15 Coffee Break
10:15 10:50 Oracle Decision Modeling Service Gary Hallmark, Alvin To
10:50 11:25 Decision Management at the Speed of Events Daniel Selman
11:25 12:00 Factors Affecting Rule Performance Charles Forgy 
12:00 12:35 DMN: how to satisfy multiple objectives? Jan Vanthienen
14:00 Lunch Break
15:00 Natural Language Access to Data: It Needs Reasoning
(RuleML Keynote)
Richard Waldinger
15:00 15:35 Welcome to Method for Parsing Regulations into DMN Tom Debevoise, Will Thomas
15:35 16:10 Using Machine Learning, Business Rules, and Optimization for Flash Sale Pricing Igor Elbert, Jacob Feldman
16:10 16:25 Coffee Break
16:25 17:00 Improving BRMS Efficiency and Performance and Using Conflict Resolution James Owen, Charles Forgy
17:00. 18:00 QnA Panel "DMN from OMG, Vendor, and Practitioner Perspectives" Moderated by Bruce Silver
19:00 - Joint Dinner

July 8, 2016 

Start End Title Authors
9:00 10:00 DMN as a Decision Modeling Language
(RuleML Keynote)
Bruce Silver
10:00 10:15 Coffee Break
10:15 10:50 Solving the "Last Mile" in model based development Larry Goldberg
10:50 11:25 What-If Analyzer for DMN-based Decision Models
(10th International Rule Challenge)
Jacob Feldman
11:25 12:00 Advanced Decision Analytics via Deep Reasoning on Diverse Data: For Health Care and More Benjamin Grosof, Janine Bloomfield
12:00 12:35 The Decision Boundary Map: An Interactive Visual Interface to Make Informed Decisions and Selections in the Presence of Tradeoffs Shenghui Cheng, Klaus Mueller
12:35 14:00 Lunch Break
15:15 15:50 Learning Rule Base Programming with Classic Computer Games Mark Proctor